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As a business owner, we sometimes feel that messages get across the wrong way with our people. Calling on a professional coach can be the right solution to improve communication within a company.

Similarly, as an employer, it can seem difficult to make the right choices when recruiting. In all these cases, the professional coach is there to help employees and freelancers to improve . But what exactly is a professional coach? And what is it for?

What is a professional coach?

A professional coach differs from a trainer, a consultant or an advisor. Coaching can sometimes complement a professional training or the services of a consultant. A coach is a true partner who knows his field, coaching, and who is fully involved in the work.

The coach does not necessarily have expertise in human resources, in business or in public relations, because a coach is not there to teach people their trade, but to teach them to do better. A professional coach is not a psychologist. If you are looking for therapy you should not hire a professional coach.

He is a kind of sports trainer, but instead of pushing us to improve our running endurance or our fighting spirit during a tennis match, the professional coach helps us to overcome obstacles in the professional framework. In this context, the coach therefore helps individuals such as managers, senior executives, directors general, small bosses.

However, the coach can also support entire teams.

Why call upon a coach?

As a professional, you call on a coach when you need help in a specific area.

You can contact a coach when you need advice on:

  • communication,
  • time management,
  • management of the stress,
  • decision-making,
  • relationship with customers,
  • relationship with employees,
  • leadership…
  • management of resources

The coach will then deliver tips to:

  • help to better manage a schedule;
  • encourage the taking of clear-cut initiatives;
  • provide solutions to too much emotionality;
  • improve relations with partners;
  • develop leadership talent;
  • create a favorable climate for working in a good mood…

When to call on a professional-coach?

We call on a professional coach when we want to obtain tailor-made support. Indeed, the coach adapts his methods according to his “natural” skills.

A change of function within a company may require the use of a professional coach.

The coach can also help resolve a conflict with partners or help improve the general atmosphere within a work team. Coaching to improve his communication therefore goes beyond simple oral expression or theater lessons.

Similarly, when coaching consists of improving one’s relationships, the coach takes into account the qualities and shortcomings naturally present in coaching to guide it. So this is not a trivial theoretical course on customer relations.

In addition, like the sports coach, the coach encourages his student. We therefore call on a professional coach when we need to be followed and motivated.

How does professional coaching take place?

At the beginning of the process, the coach informs his coach about his wishes. The goal is to make a diagnosis and to determine with precision the objectives of coaching. Without a precise diagnosis, the professional coach cannot not develop a plan of attack. For example, it may be a business manager who wants to better communicate with his employees in order to find harmony within the company.

It can also be a salesperson who wishes to improve his relations with his customers in order to facilitate liter sales. Depending on the goal of the coach and his natural abilities, the consultant will discuss with the person, ask him questions. In some cases, he can simulate real situations, challenge the coach.

However, the coach never imposes anything on anyone. Everyone is free to accept or not to open up and try new things. On the other hand, in case of reluctance on the part of the student, the coach will encourage him to think about the reason’s of refusal.

Professional coaching can consist of introspection, (“Where am I professionally?”; “What are my real professional capacities?”)

Professional coaching can lead to advice in order to better manage a team, better motivate your troops and better manage your own stress. The professional learns to better know his capacities and his limits , which allows him to assimilate techniques, strategies and attitudes allowing him to ‘achieve their goals.

Rates for a coach professional

In reality, the price of professional coaching is freely determined by the coach himself.

In addition, coaches usually set different prices depending on whether they are addressing a chef in a large company (manager, executive…), to an SME manager or to a liberal worker. The cost linked to the services of a professional coach also changes according to the objectives set . Objectives which involve different durations of coaching.

How to find the right professional coach?

From now on, coaching is very widespread. This personalized support can be requested for all areas of life: sports coaching, love coaching, school coaching, professional coaching …

In the professional field, some coaches are specialized.
Thus, we find coaches:

  • in professional retraining;
  • in career management;
  • specialized in recruitment;
  • specialized in management …

In order to find the right professional coach, you must therefore target your goals upstream and call on the coach who has the appropriate skills.

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