Catchphrase for a CV

Find out how to write a great catchphrase on a CV. All the tips to create an impactful and professional profile description.  Examples of CV hooks.

Adding a catchphrase on a CV allows both recruiters to get to know the candidate better, but above all represents an additional space to stand out from other competitors for the position. This short introductory paragraph is also referred to as “profile description” or “introductory sentence”. This catchphrase is an important part of the CV because it is there to convince the recruiter to read your CV. This is all the more important if your application does not include a cover letter.

Please note, this profile description should not be confused with the cover letter that you send with your CV. This introductory sentence is part of your CV. The cover letter is another document.

The catchphrase must be placed at the beginning of your CV so that the recruiter can have a global vision of your profile. This introduction should fit perfectly into the design of your CV. It must be composed of 1 to 5 sentences maximum.

The ideal structure of a catchphrase on a CV

First of all, the catchphrase should not be seen as a constraint, but as an advantage over CVs that do not contain one. Because it is an additional element to stand out from the other candidates. However, it is important to adapt and modify the introduction of your CV for each job offer, in order to be as relevant as possible.

This example profile description works for any type of CV:

[Profession or job title] + [Qualities and points strong] + [Number of years of experience] + motivated to join the team of + [Company name] + [Explain why you can help the company and how you will do it]. [Your main successes].

  • [Profession or job title] = Architect
  • [Qualities and strengths] = entrepreneur and self-taught
  • [Number of years of experience] = over 8 years of shopping mall design experience
  • Highly motivated to join your team
  • [Company name] = Norton Architects
  • [Explain why you want to join the company and how you will go about it] = in order to participate in the construction of the “Le Grand Paris” shopping center.
  • [Your main successes] = I am sure that my price d The contemporary architecture won for the concept “Outdoor Center” will be of great use for this position.

Example of a catchphrase for a CV

Following the ideal structure described above, we get the following example:

“Architect, entrepreneur and self-taught, with more than 8 years of experience in the field of shopping center design. Strongly motivated to join the Norton Architects team to participate in the construction of the mall, I am confident that my contemporary architecture prize, won for the concept, could be of great value useful for this position.”

How to write a good profile description for a CV

1. Search and integrate keywords

The CV must contain keywords corresponding to the position for which you wish to apply. Your CV can thus be detected by reading software used by recruitment firms and by more and more websites specializing in job search. The introduction of your CV must therefore also contain keywords. Using keywords will also allow you to arouse the interest of recruiters when they read your profile.

2. Indicate the profession or position held

In your profile, you must mention who you are in the professional world. This means that you must specify if you are student, accountant, engineer, project director … This is why you must be very clear on your function and the title of your position as soon as you submit your CV.

3. Answer to expectations of the company by talking about its successes

For a company to be interested in you, we recommend that you tell the recruiter what he wants to hear: that is, with you objectives will be achieved. In the hook of your CV, you can also talk about your most important successes achieved during your last professional experiences.

Example of profile description:

If you are applying for a commercial position, the company is surely looking for a person who helps increase sales. So you can say in a catchphrase:

Sales expert, I managed to exceed the objectives of at least 30% in the last companies I worked for.

You can also explain in a few words how you would go about helping the company achieve its objectives.

Although you place this catchphrase at the beginning of your CV , write it when you have finished writing the rest. You will be able to see the elements of your profile to highlight.

3 things to remember in the introduction of your CV

  1. Check that your catchphrase has a link with the profile sought for the position .
  2. Look for the elements (skills, experiences…) that are IMPRESSIBLE for the recruiter. And highlight them, adding them to your CV profile.
  3. Use percentages or numbers to support your arguments, always effective when it comes to convincing someone.

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