How to dress up for a job interview

For starters, it’s important to note that the way you dress may vary depending on the job you’re looking for. The first impression you give during a job interview is vital and as you can imagine your appearance is very important.

So you have to prepare for your interview in advance to be able to adjust dress according to company standards.

We will therefore explain to you how to dress for a job interview (woman and man) .

4 tips for choosing your clothes before a job interview

Here are the tips we give you so you know how you are doing you have to dress to go to a job interview.

  1. Don’t choose your outfit on the day of the interview.
  2. Be sure -you want the clothes you want to wear neat.
  3. Do not wear flashy earrings, necklaces or watches.
  4. Remote interviews also require appropriate clothing.

There are companies where there is no has no specific code for clothing. Employees can come to work dressed however they want, in jeans and t-shirts, with athletic shoes. However, even in this case, we recommend that you go to the interview in casual-formal clothes.. You can change your wardrobe once you hire. Don’t forget the importance of the first impression.

When in doubt, it is better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Job interview outfit for a woman

It’s a fact, women have many more possibilities to choose their outfits than men. This makes it harder for you to choose the perfect clothes for each occasion, but don’t worry, we’ll walk you through how to choose the clothes to wear for a job interview.


Choose neutral colors that don’t attract too much attention. To have a professional look, opt for colors like navy blue, gray or black, combined with white.


It’s a safe bet. Wearing pants and a jacket with a white shirt is both aesthetic and professional. Make sure the jacket can be closed well and that when buttoning it is not too tight. You’ll be more comfortable if you can move around easily and don’t feel cramped.


  • The sleeves should reach wrist height , no more no less. Otherwise, the rendering would not be very professional.
  • Be careful not to have creases. If necessary, review it a day before.
  • It should have no stains. There is nothing worse than a stained shirt.
  • The shirt should fit snugly over your shoulders. If it gives the impression that your shoulders are falling, it means that it is not fitted perfectly.


  • Opt for a dark color.
  • It should be just above the knees. We do not recommend using a mini-skirt, which is unsuitable for a professional job interview.
  • Make sure it has no creases.


  • Make sure that it is not longer than your ankle height, otherwise it will fall accordion-style and give the impression of not being your size.
  • It should not be too loose, but should also be adjusted to the size of your legs without being too tight.


  • It must not be sleeveless.
  • The dress must be above your knees or lower.
  • Choose a color neutral that is not too flashy.


  • Do not choose open shoes.
  • It is important that you feel comfortable and that you can walk normally.
  • If you choose heels, be careful that they are not too high.
  • Their color must be sober.
  • Wash them if necessary, they must be clean.

Job interview outfit for a man


When a man has to choose his clothes for a job interview, there are few options. The choice is rather easy. We will still give you some tips to help you choose the ideal outfit for a job interview.

There are several options for being casual-formal at an interview. But the main question is, “Do you have to wear a costume?”. And the answer is: “It depends on”. It depends on the professional sector you’ve chosen.

Do I have to put on a suit for a job interview?

If you are a lawyer, or you work in an industry where the dress code is strict and formal, such as the banking industry for example, it is recommended to wear a suit during the interview. But if not, there are many ways to dress casual-formal. This will allow you to make a good first impression without having to wear a suit, shirt and tie.

What dress colors to choose

We recommend that you choose neutral colors to go to a job interview. Black, navy blue or gray are the preferred colors.

You must not use flashy colors. The yellow, salmon and orange should be reserved for other occasions. Do not use them for maintenance.

Do not use too light colors. These are ideal for summer parties or for a wedding, not for working in an office.


  • Go for a colored shirt white, blue or gray. Save the other colors for other occasions. Don’t take chances in a job interview.
  • Don’t button all the buttons on your shirt. Leave one or two buttons open to make it comfortable, but not overly comfortable.
  • If it’s hot, don’t hesitate to roll up your sleeves. You will gain in comfort and convey the image of an active candidate, ready to get to work.


  • In case you choose to wear a tie for a job interview, choose one that is plain. It’s better if it doesn’t have a drawing.
  • Choose a color that matches your suit and your shirt.


  • They should be free of creases .
  • It should cover your ankles.
  • Make sure it is at the right height. It should not be too long.


  • Choose black or brown shoes.
  • Avoid sneakers or tennis shoes, unless you are applying for a Start-up.


  • Prefer a sweater without a pattern.

The color should be neutral.

  • The sleeves should cover your arms up to your wrists.

Outfit for maintenance in business school or engineering school


During an interview to enter a major business or engineering school, it is strongly recommended opting for a very formal outfit, to answer to the demands of the jury. Indeed, “recruiters” will often be members of the school administration, teachers or former students, concerned about the success of their school. It is therefore essential to present yourself with neat clothing.

  • For men:
    • suit + shirt (tie not compulsory but recommended)
    • Blazer / jacket + canvas pants + shirt

For women:

  • Canvas pants + blouse

In the event that the jury does face with 2 substantially similar candidates, with the only difference being the dress code, there is a good chance that he will favor the student who made the most effort in choosing his clothes.

This is a sign of motivation and serious that will not leave recruiters indifferent.

Different styles of dress for a job interview

Depending on the sector of activity sought, there are several styles of outfit you can dress up for a job interview. Without going on a fashion show, you have to choose your clothes sparingly to be comfortable, while being classy.

It is therefore advisable to inquire before the interview to know what dress code adopt.

Casual Style

This style is difficult to define, because from one person to another it can be very different. The whole concept of this type of outfit is that there is nothing imposed. Indeed, the candidate comes in an outfit representative of his person, to be both at ease, but also to show that the important thing is not his appearance, but his ability to carry out the missions requested by the company.

Even if it is complicated to define casual style, certain clothes are to be preferred:

  • T-shirt, polo shirt or shirt
  • Comfortable shoes (tennis, basketball …)
  • Sweater or sweatshirt
  • Denim or canvas pants

To wear this type of outfit, you have to keep in mind:

  • Even though you are not wearing a suit, your clothes should be clean and ironed.
  • Obviously, you need to find out about the company concerned, because rare are the sectors of activity where the relaxed style can be adopted (in start-ups or digital companies). Indeed, in large “traditional” companies, for example, this is out of the question!

Style Casual

Although casual means casual in English, this style is very different from that seen previously. Indeed, the Casual style is an in-between between the relaxed style and the strict style. Businesses are giving less and less importance to classic suit and tie, although they are still very present in certain industries. The Casual style is therefore a chic style, more and more adopted.

For men, a Casual style is:

  • A shirt white or light blue
  • Beige or dark blue brown pants
  • Elegant dress shoes

For women, for example:

  • A blouse
  • A skirt or pants
  • Elegant shoes (without this either necessarily heels)

A nice bag (for men or women) can perfectly complete this Casual look. It goes without saying that clothes must be well cared for.

Style Strict

Although companies are less demanding in terms of dress code, some industries still place a lot of importance on the way their employees are dressed (in the banking or hospitality sector, for example).

For a strict style, we advise you to opt for:

  • A sober suit and shirt for men, an outfit in neutral colors without a neckline for women
  • Dress shoes or elegant heels
  • A tie (if necessary) united, in accordance with the suit
  • An elegant bag

What hairstyle for a job interview

The question of your hairstyle for maintenance is the same as that of your clothes. This is also a decision you must make in advance. As you can imagine, our advice is not the same for men as it is for women.

How to style a woman for a job interview

If you have a job interview soon, we advise you to style your hair for the occasion .

  • If your hair has a lot of static electricity, we recommend that you tie it up. If you left them loose, your hair could be messy and your appearance would look a bit sloppy.
  • If your hair is disciplined when it is loose, and you feel comfortable, don’t tie it up.

It is very common for women to tie their hair up in the corporate world. Thus, you avoid all the inconveniences that can cause loose hair. Think about it when you go to a job interview.

How should a man style his hair for a job interview

  • Normally, the haircut should combine with the beard. If you have a beard, your haircut must be in harmony with it. It is also recommended, if you have a beard, to trim it well. If it is poorly maintained, it could be seen as a sign of neglect on your part.
  • If you have long hair, we recommend that you tie it up as best as possible. They should be clean and well-groomed.

If you have earrings and can be seen from your haircut, choose to remove them for the interview. It’s best if recruiters don’t realize you’re wearing it. They might get the wrong idea about you. Avoid all types of discrimination.

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